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714 504-4088   e-mail is the world's largest network of manufacturing related sites, and our is the home of our directory list of ISO Certified machine shops and manufacturers. We include a range of manufacturers and machine shops with certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, NADCAP, IATF 16949 and more. The ISO 9001:2015 quality certification is vital to companies wishing to display their credibility when working with OEMs. More specifically, ISO certifications like ISO 13485 - specific to the medical field IATF 16949 - specific to the automotive industry, and AS9100 - specific to aerospace and defense, allow machine shops and other manufacturers to demonstrate their competence in specific industries. ISO certification pertains to a large number of industries and company types. A few certifications manufacturers can attain are:
ISO 13485 Certified Machine Shops & Manufacturers
ISO 13485 certified manufacturers have established compliance to ISO 9001, and must fulfill other requirements specific to the manufacture of medical components and equipment. According to, the ISO 13485 certification applies to those involved in the design, production, installation, and servicing of medical devices. This certification ensures the production and maintenance of reliably safe and effective devices that are often involved in life-saving and life-sustaining functions. The certification adds to the ISO 9001 certification in areas like regulatory compliance, safety, and cleanliness.
ISO 14001 Certified Manufacturers or Machine Shops
ISO 14001 certified machine shops or manufacturers are those that take a particular interest in developing processes and procedures relating to environmental management. Manufacturers interested in developing products that fit in the environmental management space, or have a particular interest in sustainability and environmentally friendly practices may consider this certification.
ISO 9001 Certified Machine Shops and Manufacturers
ISO 9001 certification is the most common certification in the manufacturing space, and generally speaking it ensures that a manufacturer or machine shop is able to deliver a quality product consistently. The certification covers a list of topics including QMS or quality management system, practices of management personnel, human resources and management of employees, documentation of steps from a project start to completion, measurement and documentation of continuous improvement. ISO certification is important for companies in a range of industries including petrochemical, automotive, technology, aerospace, and many others. The deliverables of the ISO 9001 certification are improved work environment, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and cost savings.
AS 9100 Certified Machine Shops and Manufacturers
The AS9100 certification applies to companies wishing to be a supplier to an aerospace OEM or directly to the military. AS9100 Certified machine shops will have already established a foundation of the ISO 9100 certification, however the AS9100 adds about 100 requirements on top of the 9001 certification. These points include topics like risk management, IT and other security measures, data protection, additional focus on timely delivery, counterfeit prevention, safety requirements, ethics, project management, controls, and more. Often major aerospace OEMs like Boeing, Northup Grumman, and others will require the AS9100 certification in addition to their own proprietary certifications. .
IATF 16949 Certified Machine Shops and Manufacturers
The IATF (International Automotive Task Force) 16949 certification was created by the IATF and adopted by ISO as the quality standard relating to the manufacture of automobiles. Similar to ISO 9001 the IATF 16949 standard focuses on the reduction of waste, improvement of efficiency, supply chain management, and reduced variability of parts. Similar to the AS9100 certification, the IATF 16949 certification builds on the foundation of ISO 9001, so a company that is 16949 certified will have met all of the requirements of ISO 9001, in addition to others. According to NQA, some of the additions include:
1, Altered formatting using an Annex SL model with a 10-clause structure
2. More comprehensive approaches to external processes, products and services
3. Increased focuses on interested parties, stakeholders and company performance
4. Clarification of organizational concepts like organizational context and knowledge

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Acutec Precision Aerospace 13555 Broadway Meadville, PA 16335 (814) 336-2214 - ISO9001with ISO9100D (Certs)
Anderson Metal Ind.s, Inc, 1385 Pittsburgh Rd Franklin PA 16323 (8140 437-78149001/ AS9100D / ITAR compliant
Composiflex Inc
8100 Hawthorne Dr, Erie, PA 16509 (814) 866-8616 1 - ISO9100D with ISO9001 (Certs)
Corry Manufacturing 519 W Main St #1798, Corry, PA 16407 (814) 664-9611 - AS9100 /ISO9001
Electric Materials Company 50 South Washington Street North East, PA 16428 (814) 725.9621 - ISO9001 (Certs)
Fair Haven Machine, Inc. 758 Best Rd, West Haven, VT 05743 802 265-3419 - ITAR registered, AS9100 /ISO9001
ILSCO Extrusions - 93 Werner Road, Building A Greenville, PA 16125 (724) 589-5888 x 5592 - ISO 9001
Industrial Sales And Manufacturing 2609 W 12th St 2609 W 12th St, Erie, PA 165051 (814) 833-9876 - ISO9001
MCL Industries, Inc 75 Van Wert St. Buchanan. GA 30113 (800) 745-9832 - ISO9001
Milo Engineering 2675 Skypark Drive, Suite 304 Torrance, CA 90505 (310) 326-0273 - ISO9001
NYALT 3014A Ubi Rd 1 3014A Ubi Rd 1, Singapore 408703 (65) 6848 12811 - ISO9001
Optical Filters USA 13447 South Mosiertown R d Meadville PA 163351 (814) 333 2222 - ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 (Certs)
PHB Corp 7900 W Ridge Rd, Fairview, PA 16415 (814) 474.5511- ITAR Compliant/ ISO 9001 /IATF 16949
Precision Profiles 45727 State Highway 27 East, Titusville, PA 16354 (814) 827-9887 - ISO 9001 / ITAR Reg (Certs)
Reynolds Services, Inc. 860 Brentwood Drive, Greenville, PA 16125 (724) 646-2600- ISO9001
Santos Precision 2220 South Anne St., Santa Ana, CA 92704 714. 957.0299 - ISO9001:2008 / AS9100 Rev. C Registered
Time Machine, Inc (TMI) 1746 Pittsburgh Road Polk PA 16342 (814) 346-1418 - ISO9001/ ISO9100D / ITAR compliant
Ultra Precision Machining 2870 Kirby Circle # 6 Palm Bay, FL 32905 - ISO 9001 /AS91000D / ITAR Registered
Vista Industrial Products, Inc. 3210 Executive Ridge, Vista, CA 92081 (760)599-5050 - ISO9001 / ITAR Registered

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